About Marek

Church Life

Marek has been a member of Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church all his life. In 4th grade he started his church service as an altar server and in high school joined the church contemporary choir playing the drums. Since, he has assumed responsibility for the church's sound equipment fixing and replacing cables, microphones, stands and mixer. In 2007 Marek began drumming at Community Bible Church in Culver City in addition to his drumming at St Joan.

Hobbies and Passions

Marek's father, Gregg, is a "jack of all trades" and as such has always done projects around the house and many times enlisted Marek to help with everything from fixing a leaky faucet to gutting and redesigning a room to rebuilding the engine of a '59 Chevy. Marek also inherited a love of model trains from his grandfather as well as the trains themselves.

With the skills and passion for creating and fixing things, in high school Marek followed his father's footsteps and joined the theater group, not to act but to build. As a sophomore he started hanging, focusing and running the lights in the theater. He later started designing and constructing sets, then running the sound system and even rewiring it to work more efficiently. Marek quickly progressed to be the theater director's "right hand man" and was called on to work on all the shows the school produced well after graduating as well as training other students to use the equipment.

Gregg is the senior programmer at O'Neill Data Systems. So, as the saying goes, the acorn doesn't fall far from the Oak tree, Marek became a web programmer proficient in XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. He started programming online in high school with his friend Eugene as well as programming the total conversion modification, UltimateWar, for Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, a PC game. UltimateWar became ranked as the number one mod for any of the Command & Conquer series of games. Web programming started out as a hobby, making the site for UltimateWar, later making a site for Bear Country Resort Rentals, a rental property management company in Big Bear that managed Marek's parent's cabin. That progressed into making sites for St Joan of Arc Church and School, friends and eventually making sites professionally.

Talking Heads: Living the SLO Life

Talking Heads: Living the SLO Life

In 2006 Marek and his best friend Jeremy began a webcomic based on themselves and a few friends. Jeremy and Marek worked together to write the comics and Marek drew them in Photoshop. The comic ran weekly for just about a year before sitting stagnant due to lack of time and creative stimulus.

WebComic Administrator

WebComic Administrator

When Marek was setting up the website for his Talking Heads comic, he researched various scripts to allow for updating, archiving and posting news for the comic. Finding hardly anything suitable for ease of use and freedom of site design, Marek borrowed basic code from SNAFU Comics and integrated it into a user friendly CMS which he named WebComic Administrator, WCA for short. Once completed into a distributable form, Marek put WCA out for anyone to use with easy to follow instructions for implementation into any site. At the time of this writing WCA is used by at least 80 webcomics and has received nothing but praise.

Myspace Profile

As both a test of his skill and because he doesn't like the standard look of Myspace, Marek has re-skinned his profile using embedded CSS and a few imported images to give it a cleaner "web2.0" look. View Marek's profile at www.myspace.com/general4str.